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What is MRO Insider creates a single, easy to use resource for sending your required aircraft maintenance/upgrades out for bid to multiple facilities. Utilize for airframe, engine, avionics, paint, interior, or A&P/IA. Once logged in, your request will be sent to any facility within a radius you choose. Create your free account today to get started!

How does it work?

Register an account
Create a unique user name and password for your account. We will gather demographic information about you and/or your company, which will help match you with MRO facilities in your area.
Register Your Aircraft
By registering all of your aircraft, you are able to manage your virtual hangar (dashboard) and keep track of maintenance bids, schedules, etc.
Search for an MRO
When you have a maintenance event coming due, request bids from MRO facilities within the radius you specify during your registration. Facilities with the capability to work on your specific type of aircraft will be notified of your upcoming maintenance event, and will have the opportunity to submit a quote for the requested work performed.
Book an MRO
After you review submitted bids and determine which MRO facility you would like to work with, you will confirm the bid and reserve your space on the facility calendar! Reminders will be sent to the aircraft owner/operator as well as the maintenance facility performing the work. Scheduling conflicts can be resolved through the message tool located in your dashboard.
Review Your Service
After your work has been completed, review your experience to help other aircraft owners/operators make informed decisions regarding their future maintenance needs. All reviews are confidential.

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